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A set consisting of wireless multifunctional sensor ADM31 and mounting kit used to detect door opening through magnetic field changes.

Mounting kit for ADM31 consists of an aluminum corner 25 mm long, a neodymium magnet and screws for attaching the kit to a door.

Recommendations for installing the mounting kit and ADM31 sensor for door opening control:

1. It is recommended to place the sensor with the antenna towards the tracker and the Hall sensor towards the door on which the mounting kit with the magnet will be located;

2. The mounting kit should be installed so that when the door is closed, the magnet and the ADM31 sensor are in the same vertical plane;

3. It must be taken into account that if the Hall sensor and the magnet are located on the straight line, the magnetic field detection distance is no more than 3 centimeters. When a magnet is applied to the sensor in other projections, it is not more than 1 centimeter;

4. To increase the working distance, you can replace the full-time magnet with another neodymium magnet of a larger size and/or force.

The algorithm of the function of the ADM31 sensor with the Hall sensor:

A magnet located next to the sensor provokes magnetic detection by the Hall sensor. This event is reflected both in the ADM31 sensor readings in the “ADM BLE Configurator” application and in the data sent by the tracker to the telematic server.

When the state of the Hall sensor changes (a magnetic field appears or disappears), the sensor starts an extraordinary transmission of an information message. Having received this information, the tracker also initiates the sending of a point with new data to the server. Thus, there is the possibility of rapid response to an event such as “door opening” and others.