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ADM33 Wireless immobilizer

The wireless immobilizer is used for being installed on moving and stationary objects to manage electric circuits.ADM33 wireless immobilizer

ADM33 wireless immobilizer may be utilized for electric circuit management as a part of telematic control system together with ADM007 BLE and ADM333 BLE wireless tracking devices or by itself under the control of a device with preinstalled ADM-BLE Configurator for suitable relay configuration.

Technical features

Contact Current Rating 9 A/1 A
Rated voltage 12 VDC/24 VDC
Max. switching voltage 16 V/ 30 V
Operation temperature from - 40°С up to + 85°С
Frequency range of radio interface 2400..2483,5 MHz
Transmitter power +4 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -96 dBm
Data exchange technology Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
Сoverage up to 50 m in line-of-sight
Housing IP65
Housing materials polyvinylchloride
Size, mm not more than 17 x 21 x 380 (80 without wires)
Weight not more than 35 g


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