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ADM34 BLE tag (fob)

ADM34 is a multifunctional BLE-beacon. Its main spheres of application are identification of people or items and immobilizer ADM34 control. Two programmable buttons allow you to set and change the operation of the beacon within each scenario. LED and audio indications provide user-friendly feedback.

ADM34 BLE tag (fob)

Advantages of the ADM34 BLE tag:

  • Support of the main protocols of BLE tags: Eddystone, iBeacon, AltBeacon;
  • The opportunity to set the transmission of arbitrary data instead of the tag identifier;
  • Remote control of the ADM33 immobilizer;
  • Setting up using a smartphone application;
  • LED and audio indications for different cases.

Technical features of the ADM34 BLE tag:

Operating temperature:
Frequency range of radio interface:
2400..2483,5 МHz
Transmitter power:
up to +4 dBm
Receiver sensitivity:
-96 dBm
Data exchange technology:
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Coverage in the mode of BLE:
up to 100 m in line-of-sight
CR2450 3V 550 mА/h
Operation time with one battery:
up to 1 year
Housing materials:
ABS plastic
Dimensions, mm, not more than: 38 x 38 x 9
Weight nor more than 20 g.