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BLE base ADM30

BLE base ADM30 (hereinafter referred to as a base) is intended to receive data via the radio channel Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Long Range and to transmit them via RS-485 interface.

The base can receive data from ADM31, ADM32, ADM35, Escort TD BLE sensors and etc.

You can connect up to 255 devices.

The base can be installed on moving and stationary objects.

Advantages of BLE base ADM30:

  • Is compatible with the majority of wired trackers having RS-485
  • Flexible configuration with the help of Android application
  • Tight case
  • Mounting: magnets and screws

Technical features of ADM30:

Operating temperature:
Supply voltage:
+7..+46 V of non-stabilized DC current
Frequency range of the radio interface:
 2400...2483,5 МHz
Transmitter power:
Up to  +8 dBm
Receiver sensitivity:
-96 dBm
Dust-and-waterproof Housing:
Data exchange technology:

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 

Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range (BLE Long Range)
Coverage in the mode of BLE:
up to 100 m in line-of-sight     
Coverage in the mode of BLE Long Range:
Up to  500 m in the line-of-sight
92 x 68 x 32 mm
Weight 133 g

Firmware for ADM30
If you need a firmware for the sensor please write to any of the following e-mails: