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Configurator is a program used for configuring and updating the equipment software via Bluetooth or USB interface
Configurator for ADM trackers
Full installer
It includes installation files .NET Framework 4.0, which is needed for its work. For installation you do not need an internet connection.
Download web-installer
Lightweight version of full-installer. If you don’t have .NET Framework at your PC, installer will download it on its own. To work with software you may need an internet connection.
Also you can update installed version to actual version.
Android software
Available for setting of ADM007/ADM007BLE/ADM333/ADM333BLE/ADM333V2 trackers.
For correct work is required Android 5.0 or higher.
ADM20/21 RFID-system configurator
Software is designed for advanced setting, testing and updating of ADM 20/21-system software by connecting to PC via interface convertor RS-485 - USB.          
ADM33 Wireless immobilizer configurator
Software is designed to monitor ADM33 via Bluetooth.
Configurator for ADM BLE sensors
Software is designed to monitor ADM BLE sensors via Bluetooth. Software is available to view different data from sensors, mainly values of temperature, illumination and etc.