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ADM31 BLE temperature sensor

A multipurpose sensor ADM31 BLE is designed for wireless monitoring of different parameters: temperature, illumination, humidity and presence of magnetic field. The sensor transmits data to the ADM007 BLE or ADM333 BLE terminal via Bluetooth. It has got an IP65 case, replaceable battery and might be used for monitoring of refrigerators, cold storage, etc. 

Benefits of  ADM31 BLE sensor: 

  • Simultaneous control of temperature, illumination, humidity and presence of magnetic field;
  • No wires;
  • Simple installation;
  • Parameters control from a smartphone;
  • The internal memory capacity is 19700 records;
  • ADM31 can work together with a tracker or autonomously;
  • Replaceable battery. 


  • Temperature range measured: -30…+60оС;
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: 0,5оС;
  • Illumination measurement range: 0,01 – 83000lx;
  • Range of humidity measured: from 0% up to 99,99%;
  • Margin of error for humidity measurement: ±4%;
  • Hall sensor: discrete, omnipolar;
  • Maximum coverage: 100m;
  • IP class: IP65;
  • Replaceable battery: CR2450;
  • Battery life: up to 1 year;
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy;
  • Dimensions: 75х54х16mm;
  • Weight: 31г.


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