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ADM333 is a vehicle tracker in a compact case with built-in GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas. It saves traffic, power and may be configured with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Benefits of ADM333: 

  • Compact case with built-in GSM and GLONASS/GPS antennas;ADM333 gps vehicle tracker
  • Low price;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Configuration via Bluetooth;
  • connection of fuel sensors;
  • Driver identification;
  • connection of temperature sensors DS18B20;
  • Bluetooth headset connection;
  • Remote firmware update;
  • Jamming detection;
  • Open and flexible protocol supported by most telematics servers;
  • CE certificate
ADM333 CE certificate

Specifications ADM333: 

  • Number of channels of GLONASS/GPS receiver: 33 tracking/99 picking up;
  • Communication standard: 2G;
  • Number of SIM cards: 2 nanoSIM;
  • Li-Po battery capacity: 250mA;
  • Interface RS-485;
  • Interface 1-wire;
  • Analog inputs: 2;
  • Output: 1;
  • PC connection interface: Bluetooth;
  • Supply voltage: +8,5..+40V;
  • Current consumption (12V): 200mA (maximum), 30mA (average);
  • Operation temperature: -40..+60oC;
  • Number of stored route records: 30000;
  • Setting & Handling: Bluetooth, SMS, GPRS, FOTA;
  • Dimensions: 55х49х20 mm;
  • Weight: 39g.


CE certificate